Motorized- Pergola Awnings from Goerres

Awnings motorized for Pergola

Pergola Awning

The Pergola Awning is a wonderful product by Metallbau Gorres which is perfect for protection of gardens and courtyards from sunlight or rain. The Pergola is extendable to a certain length thus making it a very ideal product for shading gardens and courtyards. It can be extended up to 500 cm in length and 600 cm in width. Besides, Metallbau Gorres also offers various other sizes of this product in order to meet different type of demands of different customers. The Pergola Awning is well known due to its stylish look. Awnings are not constructed only for use in home, but awnings can also be used in restaurants, cafes, or hotels and the Pergola


by Gorres is of no different either. The Pergola Awning has been a very common awning across many restaurants and cafes across Europe. Besides, its use is not only limited in summer months to protect different places from sunlight, but it is also used in other seasons, such as rainy seasons where it protects seating places in restaurants, cafes, gardens and courtyards from rain.

The Pergola Awning of Metallbau Gorres is very easy to fix. It consists of two guiding rails and two supporting posts. The awning also bears a motor which can be extended up to any length in order to provide the desired comfort in using the pergola. The posts of this


can be fixed into the ground with the help of ground sockets. These posts help the Pergola Awnings to remain stable since they are the ones that are fixed into the ground socket. The height of the posts can even be changed to various heights depending on the requirement of user. The pergola awning is completely made up of aluminum. It is manufactured with such an integrated mechanism which enables it to provide rigid covering constantly in whatever position the awning is placed. This awning is also covered with such a powder coating that protects it from being eroded due to unfavorable weather. This powder coating actually ensures a very long lasting life for this Pergola Awning. Among various notable features of this awning, one most important feature is the availability of the option of controlling it with a remote controller. Besides, it also features a weather sensor.

Some important features of the Pergola Awning

  1. Can be extended up to 500 cm in length and 600 cm in width.
  2. The main body of the Pergola Awning is made up of aluminum.
  3. Consists of two guiding rails.
  4. Consists of two supporting posts.
  5. Fitted with an electrical motor.
  6. The height of the posts can be changed as per requirements.
  7. The shading coverings are tightly attached with the main body which can withstand any type of harsh weather.
  8. The main aluminum body is covered with a powdered coating which protects it from poor weather.
  9. Can be operated with a remote controller.
  10. Contains weather sensor.



How it operates


The Pergola Awning by Metallbau Gorres operates with the help of a standard electrical motor. It can also be operated from remote with the help of a remote controller.